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Surface Finishing Screed
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The surface finishing screed is easy to operate and requires limited maintenance. Powered by a petrol engine, the machine allows for uniform vibration over the entire blade length. It gives outstanding compaction performance by enhancing the concrete strength 4 times more than is practical with traditional method.

1. The blade is made of hardened aluminum. It is able to create smoother finishing effect than is possible with conventional screed.
2. The use of heavy rubber on the operating lever is to absorb vibration felt by the user. The lever is adjustable in height. It can be vertically erected or pulled down to a horizontal position.
3. The ends of the bladed is rounded to make it easy to go around obstacles.
4. The tilt-up stand keeps the engine off the concrete slab or touching the ground when unused.
5. On piece casting body is easy to be attached to the engine.
6. It is easy to change blades.
7. Emergency stop switch is available.

Technical Specification
Model KCD-2 KCD-4
Engine Air-cooled, 2-stroke Air-cooled, 4-stroke
Engine Type Chinese Petrol engine Petrol Honda GX35
Power kw(hp) 0.9(1.2) 1.1(1.5)
Weight kg(lbs) 12.7(28.0) 12.7(28.0)

The total weight of the machine should take the weight of engine assembly as well as blades into calculation.

Blade Model CB4 CB6 CB8 CB10 CB12 CB14 CB16
Blade Size (m) 1.22 1.8 2.44 3 3.66 4.47 4.88
Blade Size ( ft ) 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
Weight (kg) 2.9 4.36 5.81 7.27 8.72 10.16 11.61

Using the screed to perform surface finishing work comes with financial benefits. It saves you labor and money.

Method Conventional Screed
Labour Required 4 men 1 man
Screeding per Man 500m2 2000 m2
Time Required 10 hours 7hours

As indicated in the above table, using our screed can save you 75% of money spent in hiring workers. Compared with other similar screeds sold on the market, our surface finishing screed costs 50% less.

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Leveling Screed | Surface Flattening Machine | Cement Levelling Tool

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